The heart of the mission of UDC is to truly be a place for the community- be it local or virtual. Each year, three scholarships will be given out to inner city students that will be going on to pursue geeky careers- be it science or video game design and development.

Another need that UDC fills is the need for teens to have a safe place to hang out. Not only do we offer it, but do so in an environment where they are surrounded by learning. Parents will feel safe knowing their teens are there, teens will enjoy the freedom of being there with their friends and playing or socializing.

One of the challenges of growing up a geeky kid may be having parents that are not geeky. It is difficult enough for most teens and parents to understand each other during those crucial years, when you add to it the strain that may occur when there is a gap that occurs with the differences between people that are deemed geeky vs non-geeky, this can lead to many issues. UDC can support the parents in learning to understand, nurture and support their children. Children will have a place that understands, nurtures and supports them.  UDC will offer discounts for students based on their report card grades. If their grades need improvement, UDC will pair them with volunteer tutors to assist them in getting them up. Tutors may be peers or adults that are working as volunteers in exchange for discounts as well.

UDC will also strive to offer gallery space to local artists, space for knitting groups, book clubs, lectures given by comic book artists or even local scientists.