At UberDork Cafe, we believe in giving back. Always. In any little way that we can.

We constantly have a project going at any point and time that follows this. Our first one this past fall and winter was making and distributing hats and scarves all around Milwaukee with tags that said “I’m not lost. If you need me, take me.”  We then followed it up with hearts.  Hung all over the place with positive messages on them.

Our current project running through the summer is cotton washcloths for the homeless. It may seem like a silly little thing, but it makes a big difference to them.

How You Can Contribute:  Our giant “Christmas” tree in the back of the cafe is called The Giving Tree.  On it, people can hang their projects and we will distribute them for them. If you want to distribute them on your own, that is amazing. We do ask that there be a small red heart stitched on them and a tag that has the hashtag #AllAboutTheLove.


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